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11th Anniversary Party

Welcome to Kiss Looms 11th Anniversary Party!  We are so glad you could join us.  Please login with your real name so that when we give away prizes we know who you are!  Our party will start at 1:00 but feel free to stop in early and hangout!  While you wait, please enjoy the party favor patterns listed below!
Party starts August 11th 1pm US Central time.

Please enjoy this year's party favors!

Woven Necklace

Woven Pin Cushion

Faux Fur Pom Pom

Woven Tooth Fairy Pillow

Loom Knit Sloth

Woven Cinnamon Holder

Woven Book Holder

Loom Knit Goldfish in a Jar

Woven Pillow

Owl on a Branch